Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Airmighty #07

Airmighty #07 is here!
Limited edition cover for 10 fastest buyers.
normal cover for the rest
both looks stunning if u ask me!
email or call me now +6019-9599999

Among the highlights are Yanto Widodo's Type 147 Fridolin. Done by Terror Garage, Bandung.
Slammed with 15x6 Fuchs!
Oldspeed Hebmuller
Japanese Razor

Badcamberg 2011 coverage

Update @13MAR12

It appears that i've not been updating here.
Here goes the list of work done all this while.

Oil cooler adapter stainless steel braided (SSB) hose

Oil cooler relocated to the LH side of the GB
MSD distributor, 6AL2, 8.5mm super conductor cables, firewall feed thru, wire separator/organizer, blaster SS coil
firewall feed thru mounted thru 1" hole
Oily clutch plate (stock sachs 200mm)
plate was relined with copper woven organic
Balanced clutch cover. stock sachs 200mm
changed engine and GB mounts
also steering damper (cofap)
Polish the internal of the intake manifolds
and tap for servo vacum line
weld a new bung to the fuel tank
SSB fuel line
facet fuel pump and filter configuration
refurbed DRLA40
test fitted
engine washed. dirt and grimes are cleaned
Scat 1.5qt oil sump fitted together with billet sump cover.
old vs new shifter coupling
new shifter coupler
30mm CB pump for full flow
comparison between empi meiling and CB pump (schadek)
bugpack oil filter adapter
and lastly, as of today
today m gonna fit the MSDs in. hopefully can get everything running and start the car today.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Current work @26JAN12

Front brake is done.
Balljoints, track arm bushes and tie rod ends are replaced with OEM.

Most shops are still closed for CNY celebration.
Thus my steel braided hoses/lines are on hold.
Only the rear brake was done before.
Next are fuel lines and oil cooler hoses.
Tanks are already out and A/C is scheduled to go.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Little progress

Disc brake is now done. Might have to flare the rear fender a lil bit to accomodate the wheels. In the midst of redoing all fuel and oil lines with steel braided hose. pix will folllow.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Disc Brake progress

Now is the bracket(for the caliper) making process.
Equipped with limited tools I can see the craftsmanship the old-skool way.
No pix, sadly.

Anyways, Airmighty Portfolio 2011 is already on their way!
Book yours now. 8 copies remaining!! RM120 including poslaju.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

German look

The German Look originated in Germany (hence the name!). It is a modern style, and was a result of people upgrading their Volkswagens with Porsche parts to be used in the "Kafer Cup". These days the vehicles are still inspired mainly from Porsches, but also any high-performace circuit racing car.
Specific items might include:
  • large Porsche or modern alloys with low profile tyres as you would find on German race cars
  • large brakes: upgraded from drums to disk brakes
  • modern monochromatic paint schemes: often colors used on Porsche cars.
  • no chrome: removing all chrome on the car and painting them the same color as the body
  • level stance: closer to the ground to stick to the road
  • large engines: see Type IV conversion
'Form follows function' is a common buzzword, though actually the car doesn't have to perform as well as it looks (hence the 'look'). This look can be applied to any Volkswagen, though the 1303 is often chosen because of superior handling, and aerodynamics. Also, as part of the style, the Type I engine is often swaped with a Type IV engine (from a Type 4 Volkswagen or a Porsche 914) to provide more power.
For further information on the German look, see germanlook.com. Browse through the users rides to see some great examples.


Sunday, December 4, 2011

Disc brake progress

Front drum was cut, redrilled and studded for 14x1.5 studs. Disc was skimmed and resized to accomodate the caliper.